Fiddler Crab - Large

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A finely detailed double-sided fiddler crab pendant displays a realistic and natural appearance.  Also known as a calling crab, the fiddler crab pendant measures 1.28” x 0.568” x 1.639” (chain not included) and is available in gold and silver of various grades. 

Made in the USA, Sea Shur Jewelry is meticulously crafted by a dedicated and detailed artist, who works with utmost accuracy to replicate sea life in high-quality metals. 

  • Gift boxed and protected in plastic within a cloth pouch
  • All bails are solidly soldered and chains are not included
  • Direct from a master artist who creates timeless jewels to be cherished

Create a beautiful moment to be remembered when you present yourself or someone you love with this exquisite fiddler crab pendant.

Silver Bail Size Included: 10mm x 4.5mm with a Loop opening: 5mm.




 Please note that the black you see on some of the pendants is caused by the mirror like surface and reflection.

***Please Read***

Each item is made after receiving the order and typically takes between 3-4 weeks to receive.  Once your order begins production we can not change your order. Production time may vary slightly depending on the number of orders we are currently filling. The shipping method you select will determine the length of time it takes from the day that it is finished. With over 100 pendant options and 10 metal options for each that is a lot of combinations just to hold one of each in stock, so we apologize for the length of time but it is the only way we are able to offer the selection we do. 

For additional information please read out "About Us" and "Our Metals" 



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