Jewelry Care - Why does silver tarnish?

Silver reacts to sulfur-containing gases in the air causing it to discolor and darken forming a surface layer of tarnish. This chemical reaction can also occur from chemicals commonly found in jacuzzis. Chlorine, humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach, and other strong chemicals also commonly cause silver to react and tarnish. 

Over time you may see your sterling silver darken and tarnish. This can easily be removed by purchasing a rouge buffing and polishing clothes. Simply rub the clothe on the item and you will see this layer of tarnish rub onto the cloth. The rate at which the tarnish occurs will depend on the amount of exposure to moisture and chemicals. 

Polishing cloth

For a great video on how to use the clothe check out

The polishing clothe will remove fine scratches, tarnish, and will get it looking brand new again!