Our Metal Finishes


If you are looking for a pendant that will be relatively care free we recommend avoiding plated and going with either solid silver or solid gold. 


Both of our silver options are 925 Sterling Silver. The polished silver will have a wet sheen like surface. Typically the polished has slightly less detail and looses any texture. As with other precious metals, the polished surface of silver is soft, so scrapes and scratches are to be expected as a normal part of wear.

Handling and care: To minimize damage and ensure your product lasts a lifetime, we recommend storing your jewelry or other products in the soft cloth pouch that is included with your purchase and away from other products. Avoid exposing the product to household chemicals during cleaning as they can be damaging to the finish. Use a silver polishing kit to maintain a glossy surface.



Solid Gold

All Gold products go through our extensive hand-polishing to give them a smooth, shiny finish. 14k Gold has a subtle, warm coloring, while 18k Gold is brighter and more vibrant. 14k Rose Gold has a pinkish tint, and 14k White Gold looks like silver with a hint of gold.

Handling and care: Gold can be maintained with most non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid exposing to household bleach, which can cause corrosion and discoloration.








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