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Just released!

This version is much smaller, we suggest taking out a ruler to get an idea and check the photo with the quarter for size reference. Ideal for thin necklaces. 

**Necklace is not included.

.925 Silver Bail Size Included: 4 x 10.6 mm.

All bails are soldered on. 

This pendant is double sided and solid. 

 Please note that the black you see on some of the pendants is caused by the mirror like surface and reflection.


Size Cm: 3.0 x 2.287 x 0.533
           In: 1.18 x 0.90 x 0.21

***Please Read***'

We hold a small amount of inventory. The quantities available for each pendant will be displayed. If your order is in stock it will take 1-3 days to process and ship. 

If it does not show an amount available then it will be made following your order and takes typically 3-4  weeks to receive.  Once your order begins production we can not change your order. Production time may vary slightly depending on the number of orders we are currently filling. The shipping method you select will determine the length of time it takes from the day that it is finished. With almost 200 pendant options and 5 metal options for each that is a lot of combinations just to hold one of each in stock, so we apologize for the length of time but it is the only way we are able to offer the selection we do. 

For additional information please read out "About Us" and "Our Metals" 




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